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How Ditching Our Data Center Helped Us Release Faster (and save money)

TL;DR version: Think building a data center from scratch is simple and cheap? If you’re ever planning to scale, it might be time to think again.

Initially, we thought building and maintaining a cluster of servers from scratch would be the cost-effective and easy way to go—especially as we already had a well-operating NOC for other products. But that doesn’t account for DevOps and rapid growth. The second you incorporate virtualization, storage and database software, the costs start rising. Once we dove a little deeper, we realized that building high availability requires even a second colocation and more manual employee efforts for managing infrastructure and databases than we wanted to invest with our automation mindset.

If continuous delivery was going to be more than just a catchphrase, it was time to crunch the numbers and weigh our options. We’re performance hackers here—always eager for feedback so we can move to the next (see: better) iteration fast.

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How I Performance Hacked My Management Style

I read my fair share of management books during my days as a CTO. Back then, my team was growing faster than I anticipated, and if I wanted to lead 20 engineers successfully, I had to upgrade my approach. But the standard principles of product management weren’t going to cut it. I needed a more personal approach to rally my team. I didn’t have a name for it at the time, but I needed to performance hack my management style.

In the process, I learned that you shouldn’t wait for a promotion to start brushing up on managerial skills. Whether you’re a new hire or at the top of the company, working in an office of two or 2,000, it pays to have a handle on best practices. Here are the best pieces of management advice I’ve discovered along the way.
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