Performance Hacking Posts of the Week

Happy Tuesday, performance hacking world! When we’re not figuring out how to get better faster, we’re reading up on the people and things making a splash with agile development, DevOps and growth hacking. Here are the stories that have made their way onto our screens lately.

SDTimes: Testing in a Modern, Mobile and Agile World
Should you move fast? Yes. Should you break things? Absolutely. But don’t forget to test your code along the way. It’s crucial to figure out what might break before those weak links affect the customer’s experience. Around here, we call that “failing forward.”

Forbes: Digital Performance and Resilience at O’Reilly Velocity
Conferences are a whirlwind experience, and last week at Velocity New York was no exception. In case you missed the conference or need a refresher, Forbes rounds up some key takeaways, including the undeniable fact that people crave interactive application experiences; the dire need to put speed at the top of your priority list, no matter how complex your technology is; and the importance of having empathy if you’re going to be successful as a team.

ZDNet: Technology Investments Really Do Pay Off; So Does DevOps
You probably didn’t need another reason to keep innovating, but just in case, CA Technologies has a study to share with you. The results? Invest in new ways to move development forward if you have your sights set on speedy revenue growth. And in a world where applications are front and center, the study also asserts something we’re used to hearing: adopt DevOps, or get left behind.

App Developer Magazine: Macy’s Store to Be One of the First Retailers to Support Apple Pay
If one of the biggest department stores in the world subscribes to the “adopt new technologies to succeed” mentality, it must be a thing, right? In addition to becoming an early adopter of Apple’s new payment system, Macy’s is introducing Shopkick’s shopping-assistant app to all of its U.S. stores, and rolling out a new photo-recognition app that allows users to snap a photo of outfits they like and suggests similar in-store items. That’s performance hacking in the wild.

GrowthHackers: Growth Hacking Lessons from College
In honor of a new school year, here’s one for the aspiring developers out there. GrowthHackers asked readers to share what campus life taught them about growth hacking. Answers run the gamut from microeconomics and modeling to literature and creative writing. It’s always nice to know our college tuition was well-spent.

And last, but not least, in case you missed it…
InformationWeek: It’s All About the Applications, Stupid
Harsh title, but it’s a truth we need to hear. When the result of trying to be budget-conscious is a visible drop in application performance, companies end up losing a whole lot more than they’re saving. A cautionary tale, especially for those just starting out.

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Performance Hacking Posts of the Week

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