Five Steps to Giving Better Feedback

Practice makes perfect, right? Well that may not be the case with feedback, even though many of us dish it out all day long.

I learned that the hard way after completing a software demo for a new product. Everything worked like a charm, and I went back to my desk proud of my team’s success. Then, an email with the subject line “Feedback on Demo” caught my eye.

It contained a bold-faced, bulleted list filled with phrases like “this does not yet look great” and “I think we can improve this much more” and “was this intentional?”

I was shocked at first, but ultimately realized I make some of the same mistakes. There’s no shortage of advice out there, but I started jotting down my own list of what it means to give good feedback and came to the conclusion that giving better fetter feedback is easy if you follow these five rules.
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